Corporate Training, Professional & Personal Development for You...

While giving back & helping others break out of the Poverty Cycle.

It is our intent and hope that we can increase education, personal & professional development & skills training globally.

By partnering with Government Departments, Large Organisation, SMEs & Individuals we are giving back to those who are unable to help themselves.

For each course that is purchased, we give a course to -

  • Grass Roots NGO / Missions Organisation

  • Individual who is working to improve the lives of othe´╗┐rs

  • Directly to a beneficiary who can't afford it themselves



The training they undertake will better enable them with the work they are doing, or for the beneficiary directly in providing for themselves and family.

So, when you purchase a Course, not only are you improving yourself, you are also directly improving the lives of others.


Together, we can help make an impact on the poverty cycle.

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Watch a Couple of Videos from people who are benefiting from Courses we Give 

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